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We believe in the power of adventure! Kite will change the way you see life. Connect with nature and improve your health. We offer complete kite lessons to all who want to learn the sport, whether you are a beginner or an advance level we offer group or private classes to improve your kite skills. You’ll learn a complete understanding of how the wind works, including speed, direction and the wind window.

  •       Different types of kites 
  •       Components.
  •       Safety features.

  •       How to set up 4 lines kite.

  •       Launching techniques.
  •       Landing techniques.

Basic piloting skills, kite safety and self-rescue techniques all the way to become an independent certified rider.

Kiteboarding is a sport that now can be learned in a very easy and safe way. With professional instruction, new equipment at one of the most convenient beginner spots.

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